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Bamboo 4x4 Hardtop

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This page lists our pre-packed sets of fasteners and bearings for the 3D Model No 10 - Bamboo 4x4 Hardtop



Screw kits for upgrades are also available for this model

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Bamboo 4x4 Hardtop @


Soft Top Upgrade

Off Road

All model images are copyright of 3D

The table at the top of the page shows basic kit details with the options of wheel type and fastener material

To see more details of the contents of each fastener kit, please click on the Kit Reference or scroll further down this page.

We also list bearing kits for the various axle options, plus gearbox drive belts, thread-lock and useful tools - please scroll down this page
The bearings listed below are type 6700 2RS (sealed) as specified in the 3D Sets build guide.
 Bearings with shields (6700ZZ) are also available if preferred (can be ordered from the Bamboo Pickup Page)

All images are Copyright
Version Wheel
No of items
Kit Ref
(clicking on any of the kit ref
numbers in this column will take
 you to the detailed parts lists)
Click the buttons
 in this column
 to add to an order
Model 10
F or G 559 HT Steel (Black) MF-3DBAMHTB10 50.90

Stainless Steel MF-3DBAMHTS10 46.10

  Both axles without differential 28 Ball Bearings 10x15x4
(6700 2RS - sealed)
MF-3DBRG28S 50.40

  One axle with differential 33 Ball Bearings 10x15x4
(6700 2RS - sealed)
MF-3DBRG33S 59.40

  Both axles with differential 38 Ball Bearings 10x15x4
(6700 2RS - sealed)
MF-3DBRG38S 68.40


Note that the 3Dsets build guides version 1.0 shows the bearing spec as shielded.
 The build guide for Version 1.0.2 shows the bearing spec as sealed.
if you prefer to use the shielded type bearings for V1.0.2, please order the shielded bearings listed for Rancher 4x4 Hardtop V1.4


Fixings Kits for Model 10  Bamboo 4x4 Hardtop
V1.0 & 1.0.2

Fixings required for wheels 'F 'or wheels 'G' option are identical
Bamboo 4x4 Hardtop v 1.0 & 1.0.2
Wheels F or G Version
559 item kit

Items Description

143 150

M2 x 6 Socket cap screws

40 44

M2 x 8 Socket cap screws

65 70

M2 x 10 Socket cap screws

3 4

M2 x 12 Socket cap screws

9 10

M2 x 16 Socket cap screws

12 14

M3 x 6 Socket button Hd screws

31 35

M3 x 8 Socket button Hd screws

64 68

M3 x 10 Socket button Hd screws

36 40

M3 x 12 Socket button Hd screws

37 40

M3 x 16 Socket button Hd screws

4 5

M3 x 20 Socket button Hd screws

7 8

M3 x 25 Socket button Hd screws

7 8

M3 x 25 Socket cap screws

30 35

M3 Hex nuts

15 18

M3 Nyloc nuts

3 4

M3 x 6 Socket cap screws

2 3

M3 x 10 Socket cap screws

2 3

M3 x 6 Grub Screws

1 2

1.5mm A/F Hex key

1 2

2.0mm A/F Hex key

1 2

2.5mm A/F Hex key

Kit Description and Ref Kit
Black HT Screws & Black Nuts

Stainless Screws & Nuts



Other non-fastener accessories and tools for 3D Sets model builds

  Description Our ref Qty Price You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
Hex/Ball Screwdrivers
These tools makes life much easier when tightening multiple socket screws.
1.5mm a/f suits M2 cap screws and M3 grubs screws
2mm a/f suits M3 button heads
2.5mm a/f suits M3 socket cap screws
Other tool options are listed
on our tools page.
MF-BD-15 1 2.75

MF-BD-20 1 2.75

MF-BD-25 1 2.75

Tools for Tightening Hex nuts
5.5mm a/f quality ring spanners
and nut spinners to suit M3
 hex and M3 nyloc nuts
MF-PX055 1 4.45

MF-NS055B 1 8.00

Zap Z-42 Threadlock
Medium Strength
Removable with hand tools
  Small 6ml Bottle size ideal for 3D Sets assemblies
MF-ZTL-01 1 3.50

ZAP-RT PT44(28g)
Zap has combined the strength of Zap Gel with the qualities of rubber to offer this extremely strong, vibration resistant CA. Excellent for bonding rubber to many surfaces so ideal for attaching model tyres to wheels
MF-ZC-28 1 7.45

144-3M-06 Belt
144mm long, 3mm pitch x 6mm wide toothed beltfor 3D sets belt drive gearboxes.
High quality industrial grade by Contitech
MF-1443M06 1 4.65

4 16.75


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