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Modelfixings stock a large range of small fixings from threaded fixings such as cap screws and machine screws, to woodscrews and our own very popular servo screws.

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To go to our index page for our boxed fixings sets, including socket cap screws, grub screws and servo screws, plus our new range of pre-packed fasteners and bearings for 3D printing projects from '3d, please click here



Modelfixings Socket Drive Servo Screws

Nylon Screws Cheese Head, Countersunk and now Thumb screws

Nylon Screws Countersunk Head Self Tappers and 'panel' screws Brass Wood Screws

Steel Machine Screws

Standard size and  Heavy Duty size. Available in various length, and gauges plus drivers and grommets.
Also in this section - servo arm screws

Slotted cheese heads from M2 to M8 in a range of lengths plus UNC sizes now in stock.
Cream & Black

Slotted countersunks from metric M3 to M6 and 2UNC to 1/4" UNC in a range of lengths.


No 0, 1, 2, 4 and 6 steel and stainless steel in various lengths
Also our black miniature panel screws and

Brass Slot Head countersunk and dome head wood screws in No 0, No 1, No 2 and No 4 , No 6 and No 8 gauge sizes
Also brass and Stainless raised countersunks

Metric threads M1.6 to M6 in steel and stainless steel in a range of length options.
UNC machine screws in 2, 4, 6 and 8 UNC threads plus our
new range of brass slot cheese & countersunk heads screws

Finishing washers for cheese heads now available
Hexagon Headed Screws   Hook and Eye Screws
We stock a range of Stainless Steel Hexagon Headed screws in
M3, M4, M5 and M6 threads


A rang of Eye and Hook screws - handy for hanging tools etc in the workshop. 


Socket Headed Fixings
Cap Screws, Countersunk, and Button head screws
HT Steel and Stainless steel. Metric (M1.6 to M6), BA, BSW, UNC & UNF threads in a range of length options and head styles.
We stock over 600 different socket screw options.
Also includes our oxed socket cap screw kits

Now also includes our new range of flanged button socket head screws in steel and stainless steel
See below for socket head wood screws


Products listed on our 'Washers' page
Flat washers Rubber Backed Penny washers Spring Washers Finishing Washers Nord LockTM Washers

Steel, stainless steel,nylon and fibre for Metric, UN and BA threads. Also available in black steel and brass

Neoprene rubber backed washers in three size options

Also known as 'repair' or 'fender' washers, we stock M2 to M6 in steel and stainless steel options

Steel and stainless steel spring washers

Nylon finishing washers to suit our nylon cheese head screw range

The ultimate in locking washes for Metric and UNC threads.


Products listed on our 'Nuts & Special Nuts' page  
Hex and Square

Nyloc Nuts

Aerotight Nuts Tee Nuts Flanged nuts

Dome Nuts

Thumb Nuts

Metric, UNF & UNC threads - steel, stainless,
Brass and
nylon. Plated, natural and black finishes.

(M2-M6) Metric BA & UNC threads. Steel and stainless steel in plated, natural and black finishes

M3 to M6 - the re-usable & heat resistant alternative to Nylocs

A range of metric sizes M3 to M8 and  UNC sizes  in stock.

Metric threads in plated steel and stainless steel
plus nyloc flanged nuts.

Metric threads M3 to M6 in plated steel and stainless steel 

Metric threads
M3 to M6 in plated steel. 


Split & Spring Pins R Clips Grub Screws

Grub Screws

Spring Plungers Wing Nuts

Split (cotter) pins from 0.8 to 3.2mm dia.
Spring pins from 2mm to 5mm dia.

1.2 , 1.4, and 2.0mm wire dia in a range of lengths

Miniature Metric(M2-M10)  UNC and BA steel (black) grub screws. Plus our new grub screw kits

Miniature(M1.4 to M10) stainless steel grub screws, cup point, cone point and dog point types. Plus our new grub screw kits

M3 to M10 spring loaded ball end grub screws

Metric steel, stainless steel & Nylon. 

  Studding / All-Thread
M2 to M6 Metric threads in steel, stainless steel, and nylon.
  RC Clevices
We now stock a range of plated steel clevices
to suit our M2, M2.5 and M3 studding. These items and others
are also listed in our new 'RC Fittings' Section

Threaded Wood Inserts

We stock a range of threaded inserts for wood - an elegant alternative to the usual tee nuts, with the added advantage that these inserts can be inserted from the same side as the fastener. Please click on the picture to go to the inserts page. 


Socket Cap Head Wood Screws

We stock three sizes of socket cap head wood screws - excellent for mounting smaller size engines to wooden bearers or nylon engine mounts etc.
Long awaited new stock of No 4 gauge now available!


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