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Captive Nuts

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Captive nuts (or as they are more correctly named, 'tee nuts') have a range of uses but are more commonly used in
the RC hobby field for engine fixing (securing engine mounts to the firewall), wing fixings, and undercarriage fixing.
Also widely used in many general woodworking projects where a hard thread is required that will not pull out.

We stock a range of Metric, UNC and UNF sizes (scroll down for UNC and UNF)

All our Tee nuts are Bright Zinc Plated

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Captive (Tee) Nuts 

Metric Threads 

Thread No of Prongs Flange Dia (mm) O/All Length (mm) Barrel

MF Ref

Pack Qty Pack Price You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
M3 4 13 5 4 MF-CN01/10 10 £1.80

MF-CN01/100 100 £16.20

M4 4 15 6 5.5 MF-CN02/10 10 £1.60

MF-CN02/100 100 £14.40

M5 4 17 8 6.2 MF-CN03/10 10 £1.60

MF-CN03/100 100 £14.40

M6 4 19 9 7.7 MF-CN04/10 10 £1.70

MF-CN04/100 100 £15.30

M8 4 22 11 9.4 MF-CN05/10 10 £1.95

MF-CN05/100 100 £17.55

Dimensions are approximate and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances


Looking for M2 tee nuts ? - 2UNC (listed below) make a great miniature alternative when used with matching 2 unc (2-56) screws.
We stock 2 UNC nylon binder head screws as well as 2UNC steel and stainless steel cap head screws, button heads, and countersunks.

Captive (Tee) Nuts 

UNC and UNF Threads

For thread data click here

Thread No of Prongs Flange Dia (mm) O/All Length (mm) Barrel

MF Ref

Pack Qty Pack Price You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
2-56 (UNC) 3 6.8 3.8 3 MF-CN20/10 5 £1.95

4-40 (UNC) 3 9 3.8 3.5 MF-CN22/10 5 £1.60

6-32 (UNC) 4 12.7 5.4 4.2 MF-CN24/10 5 £1.35

8-32 (UNC) 3 12.7 7.2 5.6 MF-CN26/10 5 £1.50

10-24 (UNC) 3 18 9.1 6.2 MF-CN28/10 5 £1.50

  Sorry - this item is temporarily out of stock  
10-32 (UNF) 3 18 9.1 6.2 MF-CN30/10 5 £1.50

1/4-20 (UNC) 3 19 9.1 7.6 MF-CN32/5 5 £1.50



  Links to matching UNC Steel and Stainless Steel screws:


Steel UNC Cap Screws

Stainless Steel UNC Cap Screws
  Steel UNC Button Head Screws Stainless Steel UNC Button Head Screws
  Steel UNC Countersunk Screws Stainless Steel UNC Counterunks Screws

Links to various styles in Nylon with UNC thread:


  Binder Head
Hex Heads
Socket Cap


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  Lost the captive nut in the fus again ? - Our magnetic tipped extendable 'pen' is great for fishing out small steel fasteners from hard-to-reach places.

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