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Nord Lock Washers

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This page lists our range of Nord-LockTM locking washers.

These innovative washers provide an excellent solution for preventing loosening of nuts and bolt heads in
high vibration applications.

In IC powered model applications, they are particularly suitable for engine hold-down bolts and engine mufflers/silencers,
but are equally useful for vehicle and many other engineering applications.

Manufactured in carbon steel and protected against corrosion by a zinc flake surface finish, these washers are re-usable,
and suitable for use with screws and bolts up to high tensile grades such as our grade 12.9 cap screws.

They are suitable for high temperature applications and provide a locking method for fastenings
from low through to high torque assemblies.

In applications with bolts/screws into threaded holes, the washers are placed under the bolt heads. No other washers are required
With bolt/screw and nut assemblies, a Nord-Lock washer pair is required under the nut and
also under the bolt head.

How do they work?

The principle is brilliantly simple.
Used in pairs, the surface contacting the bolt head (or nut) and the fixture is ridged to give a high friction connection, and the two washers have interlocking cams with an angle that slightly exceeds the angle of the screw thread.
To loosen the assembly requires the washers to climb the cams at a greater rate than the thread unscrews, so the load in the screw actually increases during initial un-tightening. This ensures that once tightened, the connection will not become undone without the application of a un-tightening torque on the screw or nut.


We stock Nord-Lock washers in metric M3, M3.5, M4, M5 and M6 sizes

Some sizes are also suitable for use with UNC threads - where this is the case the UNC thread size is also stated below

Nord-Lock washers are despatched in pairs (2 washers are required per bolt or nut).


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(per pair)

MF Ref

Pack Qty
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M3 / 5 UNC 7.1 1.85 MF-NLW03 1 £0.60

4 £2.15

20 £9.60

  Sorry - this item is currently out of stock    
M3.5 / 6 UNC 7.6 1.8 MF-NLW35 1 £0.60

4 £2.15

20 £9.60

M4 / 8 UNC 7.7 1.8 MF-NLW04 1 £0.65

4 £2.35

20 £10.50

M5 / 10 UNC 9.1 1.8 MF-NLW05 1 £0.65

4 £2.35

20 £10.50

M6 / 1/4" UNC 10.9 1.8 MF-NLW06 1 £0.75

4 £2.65

20 £11.95


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